Vision systems integration represents for VE the natural consequence of a ten-years experience in electronic design and twenty years of activity in the industrial automation field.

This guarantees a global approach to vision problems, which distinguishes us from who comes from university or software oriented ambiences: we do believe that, in order to handle issues concerning industrial systems, it’s firstly necessary to manage problems relating to physics, mechanics and global management of the manufacturing process, and then focusing in those concerning vision.

In this way we are able to give our client a solution in complete accordance with his requirements, even when solutions must be far from vision systems.

VE always aims to the optimization of solutions through the endorsement of its know-how.

Obviously, vision solutions need to be tested in a laboratory equipped with optics and many kinds of lighting systems. VE has gradually equipped itself and can realize feasibility studies using all the innovative lighting techniques, which has been bought or internally developed.

Machine vision

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