VE has been realizing in twenty years dozens of systems in several sectors, developing applications dedicated to industry, agriculture and medicine. Over time we have deepened dynamics regarding various technologies available in the market and the experience we gained, together with the organizational and mental flexibility of the team, let us take advantage of known solutions concerning a specific field to develop applications suitable for different fields: VE activity aligns with the systematic innovation principles.

Our activity consists in the use of systems based on robot or developed from scratch using dedicated mechanic, in axes control management with PC or PLC, in using different kinds of sensors: moreover, we enable the communication between all this solutions and a database for acquiring manufacture data or for the communication of results.

Entrust VE means have a series of guarantees:

_ The architectural choices are oriented to reach the maximum purpose for the client, since we are not restricted by know-how limits or commercial links.

_ The capability to internally manage all the aspects of a system ( mechanics, control electronic, software, security ), guarantees to the client a quick response, with regard to project design, contingencies resolution and further technical support.

_ The global vision and the possibility to evaluate in depth every single aspect of the productive cycle open great possibilities to the costs optimization. Often, the extension of the analysis perspective could generate optimizations balancing out supply costs.

_ A strong network of technological partners and suppliers, we has been working with since more than ten years, let us face specific problems. Know how sharing allow us to give you always best results.

Automated solutions

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