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The Challenge

Robotized decoration.
A system able to reproduce an artistic movement made by an expert decorator over 3d surfaces is requested. The movements’ learning must be done manually by the artist, instinctively and without any program to be written. The system must be repeatable in order to allow many robots to realize the same product starting from a single learning.

The Solution

An anthropomorphic robot together with a storage specifically made for the components to manage, allows to completely automate the decoration process, load and unload included. The learning of the path, of the speed in every single point and of the measuring device’s orientation to obtain the artistic effects desired, is realized by exactly recording manual movements of the artist during the learning process. Once the path has been learned it can be modified, even partially, to reach the desiderated effect. The same program can be loaded on many working sites, without any adjustment to be needed. The specific case represents a system decorating carnival masks but the same system could be used for the decoration of many kind of objects and with different material contribution.
Installed in Italy.

Robotized artistic decoration

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