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The Challenge

Ceramic sintered elements manipulation.
The stocking on boxes of really fragile elements made of pressed ceramic powder is required. The constant 120pieces per minute cycle have to be managed without any possibility of stop for changing cases or else. It’s also required the set down of a fine layer of anti-adhesive sand between elements’ layers.

The Solution

A SCARA robot allows to extract a set of pieces through an ad hoc gripper equipped with micro suction cups. A laser measuring system realizes the perfect alignment for the grip in order to guarantee the position of the micro suction cups complying with pieces. Some pneumatic movements simultaneously manage the cases’ load and unload in the two stations that alternatively work, in order to guarantee the continuous management of the elements’ cycle. The dosage system of the anti-adhesive powder, which is really solid and aggressive for the mechanics, has been specifically developed for the application.
Installed in Germany.

Robotized sintered ceramic manipulation

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